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DPI Was Pleased to Participate in Do It Best’s Spring Market 2020

The Resurgence of Paneling

From February 7th through the 10th, over 1700 retail members from throughout the US and 29 countries gathered in Indianapolis to learn what is new in Home Center offerings.
Starting with the Senior Buyer Mike Post telling all members about the resurgence in paneling at a kick-off breakfast on Saturday, then several retailers came to our booth to learn more about DPI and the paneling that we provide.

Popular Products and Market Trends

DPI’s Rustic Plank was a huge hit with the retailers for its realistic looks, ease of installation and economical price point. Also showcased at the show was DPI’s newest brick pattern, New Haven Grey. The panels wonderful texture and trendy grey colors received a lot of attention and positive comments from the retailers. With the increased popularity of poured concrete counter tops, DPI’s Dove Grey panel, which shows a realistic concrete look, had many admirers that were looking for the perfect panel for backsplashes and bathroom applications.

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