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DPI Aqua Tile Saves Time and Money on Bathroom Remodeling

During this unsettled time, we are all increasingly home-focused and doing more home improvement projects. An upgraded bathroom is high on the list of projects that homeowners are tackling. People love the classic look of porcelain, but are often sticker shocked by the cost. With DPI’s Aqua Tile, you get the same classic look, easier installation, and at a better value. DPI’s Aqua Tile brings a clean, sharp, designer look to any bathroom improvement project. Aqua Tile’s embossed design gives the panel stability and surface integrity, with improved longevity and performance. Ease of installation makes DPI Aqua Tile the perfect do it yourself project. Coupled with the use of Loctite Silicone and Loctite Adhesive, Aqua Tile’s performance stands up even in high moisture areas!

The below prices reflect average contractor costs. Easy DIY installation means even more savings.

The cost of DPI Aqua Tile versus traditional porcelain tile makes it the better value for your home. Save Time and $$$. Available in 7 different styles.

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