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Decorative Panels International Employees Help Preserve Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary

Earlier this year, the Decorative Panels International team assisted the Island Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Alpena, MI, with their island maintenance and preservation efforts.

The island has had issues with erosion, so our team was tasked with loading and hauling wood bark and chips to the island’s path to help reduce further erosion. We also helped to remove invasive species to spur growth of the native species, therefore protecting the biodiversity of the island.

About Island Park and the Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary

The Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary is a unique 443-acre natural area within the Alpena city limits. The sanctuary surrounds Island Park, a landscape filled with many different ecosystems and trails that attract many hikers, hobbyists, and explorers throughout the year. It’s also part of the huge 1,250 Square Mile Thunder Bay River Watershed.

Assistance by the Numbers

At Dec Panels, we’re always looking to make a positive difference in our community. So, when it came to the Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary project, our team jumped at the chance to help with the area’s environmental sustainability efforts:

  • 27 Ready-to-Go Volunteers
  • 8 Hours of Hard Work
  • 34-Yards of Bark and Chips Hauled and Placed on Paths
  • Barriers Put into Place to Reduce Erosion
  • The Removal of Invasive Species from the Island

A word from Terry Gougeon, Chairman of the Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary Board

“I wanted to thank you and the workers from DPI for all that was accomplished on the Island today and last week. A lot of trail was covered with chips and they look great. We could actually have all trails covered for the first time in a lot of years, if the workers come back next year. All the trails are cleared of encroaching growth and fallen or leaning trees also. I’ll need to do some planning for future Community Days. We also pulled invasive non-native plants, despite the lateness of the season which complicates identification.

So again, thanks to all of you. Island Park has been given a sprucing up that enables users to easily identify and use the paths. I also was able to give information to some of the volunteers as to the vision and proper use of the Island according to the Sanctuary Boards guidelines.

Thank you, DPI.”

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